Drone Fleet is your partner for 360° Virtual Reality Capture, Building Interior Scans, Engineering Documentation, Immersive VR Safety Training, Construction Planning & Measurements.

Drone Fleet's 3D Terrain Mapping, Topographical Contours and Digital Surface & Elevation Models are the perfect compliment to our 3D Capture Applications:

- Real Estate Listing Portals

- 3D Virtual Tours / Virtual Reality Immersion

- Construction Project Planning

- As-Built Measurement Documentation

- AutoCAD Engineering Software Outputs

- Commercial, Residential & Business 3D Capture

- Yacht, Airplane, Luxury Property Tours

How It Works:

Our Consultants arrive at your location with a 3D Camera which is controlled using an iPad app.  The Camera uses an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space. It uses PrimeSense chips, the same as the Microsoft Kinect to create its digital models. Our Consultants move the camera in different spots to ensure 360 degree coverage of a space and then upload the data to the cloud.

Depending upon the layout of the space and how many items are within, it takes approximately 50-60 minutes to capture a 1,200 square foot (112 sqm) furnished space, or, approximately 8-10 minutes per a 200 square foot (19 sqm) room.

Industry Commercial Applications:

Once the data is uploaded, the Cloud Processor then analyzes the 3D data to create a complete mesh that includes all rooms and then overlays the 2D images onto the mesh to create a realistic, textured 3D model of an entire space. Because the models are generated in the cloud, they are easy to share with authorized users.


Captured Models can be presented on Mobile Device, Desktop or via Virtual Reality Goggles.

Real Estate Agent Applications:
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Modern Home:
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Art Gallery
Luxury Yacht:
Private Jet:
Luxury Rental Property