Drone-Fleet Academy:

Training FAA Certified 107 Remote UAS Pilots for Career Opportunities!

Enroll with Drone-Fleet Academy for Professional In-Person Instruction & FAA 107 Test Preparation Material.  You’ll be trained from Beginner-to-Experience Level Pilot!

Upon Successful Completion Drone-Fleet offers Exciting Career Opportunities.  

Professional Instruction:  FAA 107 Preparation

  • Operation & Certifications of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

  • National Airspace & UAS Entry Requirements

  • Special Airspace (Prohibited, Restricted, Warning, Alert & Military), TFR, Advisory Circular

  • Aeronautical Charts, Crew Briefing, Visual Observers, Obstacles, Right-of-Way, Maintenance

  • Micro-Meteorology, Air Pressure, Wind, Moisture & Cloud Formation, Aviation Weather Services

  • Weight & Balance for sUAS, Calculations, Flight Risks & Hazard Mitigation

  • In-Flight Emergencies, Loss-of-Link, Fly-Aways, Power Loss, Emergency Systems

  • Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM), Risk Mgmt, Hazardous Attitudes, Decision Making, Situational Awareness

  • Airport Operations, Towered & Non-Towered, Unicom & Multicom, Airport Data, Radio & ATC Communication

  • Physiological Effects: Medical, Alcohol, Drug & Prescription Medications

Practical Flying Techniques

  • Drone Safety & Maintenance

  • Flight Skills:  Lateral Motion, Depth Motion, Pirouette

  • Flight Skills:  Linear, Laps, Figure Eights

  • Aerial Cinematography Shots

  • Flight Operations with Gimbal Operator

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Introduction to Autonomous Flights

  • Survey Operations

Industry Education: Mission Specific Flight Operations:


  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Pipeline, Oil, Gas & Utilities

  • Chemicals & Mining

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Infrastructure Inspection

  • Rail Operations Inspection


Duration:    10 Days

Location:    Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Upcoming Availability:   September & October

Year-One Income Potential:                $25k-$120k

Cost (Class & Coursework Only):               $2,000

Cost (w/ Phantom 4):                                  $3,199

Cost (w/ Phantom 3 Pro):                           $2,999

Cost (w/ Inspire 1 V2):                                $3,999

Cost (w/ Inspire 1 Pro):                               $5,399

(Note: Applicable Sales Tax May Apply)

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