One of the challenges with Aerial Data Collection, is exactly the vast amount of Data that can be captured.  Drone Fleet now offers Advanced Automated Video & Image Processing options.

The Solution:  Drone Fleet's AutoID Computer Vision System

- Image Processing:               Create Rules for Analysis & Test

- Batch Processing:                Cycle Multiple Drone Images

- Real-Time Processor:          Image Process as Acquired over Network

- Processed Image Editor:    Configures Image Output Options

How It Works:

Vision System Example – Crack Analysis in Asphalt Road


Drone Fleet has developed a Vision System Algorithm for Crack Detection on Aerial Images gathered from Autonomous Data Collection Missions.  Results indicate that we are able to successfully identify areas of degraded Asphalt that has Cracked and Chipped.  Images are tested within an Image Processor and fine-tuned for certain feature detection & object elimination.  The Vision System Algorithm is then applied on a series of images with a Batch Processor.  The relative Asphalt degradation is easily visible in these images.  We can in turn make measurements and give feedback for each area of the roadway with an indication of how severe the road is degraded.  This same algorithm can be applied to Historical and Future data collection missions to give indication of degradation over time.

Relevance to Your Business?

Please let us know your Drone Data and Application Challenges.  Drone Fleet will work together with your organization to create Custom Tailored Image & Video Analysis Solutions for you.